What Girls Shouldn’t Do After Sex

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In this day in age everyone is getting on with their parter. We all have a protocol for before sex, a date, some foreplay and some intimacy. But what do you do after ? Is there a protocol? You just done the deed what’s next? Sex can cause your vaginal tissues to become more susceptible to being infected so it is important to take care of yourself. If you want to keep your lady parts in tip top shape here are some tips of what not to do after sex. Follow these rules and you will be all right. Develop a routine for yourself to keep out of the doctor’s office.

Not Using the Restroom After

It is imperative that you go for a wee after intercourse. It isn’t a myth, it’s extremely important that you use the toilet after sex. Going pee after sex helps clean away any bacteria that may have entered while having sex. The key is to urinate immediately after to keep the bacteria out. Bacteria can lead to bladder infections, so don’t be ashamed to piss right after sex. It will help keep your urinary tract clean and healthy to avoid health problems later down the road. 

Washing Up with Soap

We understand that you would want to clean up after sex, that is okay but make sure to steer clear from soap. Don’t lather up. The soap can cause irritation and some might even face an allergic reaction. When you have been lubricated, rubbed and swollen from having intercourse your skin will react differently to its environment. Your vagina is already a magic self cleaning organ so you don’t need to do too much work. A good rule of thumb is that if you wouldn’t eat it, you shouldn’t put it near or in your vaginal. Just use simple water to freshen up. There is no need to use harsh chemicals. 

Avoid Hot Tubs

It might sound like a good idea to soak in a tub after sex, it seems enjoyable and romantic but it’s not healthy. Your vulva swells as a response from the sex act it causes you to open up so to say, this will ultimately make you more at risk for an infection. Being in a hot hot will mean that you are being exposed to bacteria. It is best to skip the hot tub, no matter how romantic it is. If you want to enjoy the tub with your partner, do so before sex- before you are more susceptible to becoming infected.

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