Rome Enforcing Laws to Limit Tourist From Swimming In Historic Fountains

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If you wanted to take a dip into Rome’s beautiful Trevi Fountain in one of your next trips, be ready to pay a fine. Rome’s mayor Viriginia Raggi is getting tired of the summer visitors coming into the city and vandalizing Rome’s vast amount of ancient fountains. Some new rules have been put into place for anyone that is caught climbing, bathing, eating, drinking, or throwing anything else expect coins into the fountains. These new regulations will be enforced by Roman authorities which have the right to give you a considerable fine. 

The largest fine comes from bathing or swimming in the fountains, which many people have done in the past on the hot summer days. The fines range from 40 euros to 240 euros, looking at it in dollars it would be around $45 to $270. It seems that the Roman authorities are being serious about the matter, one of the many reasons why they feel this way is because they consider these fountains art. There have been many high traffic areas for tourists that have been added to the list of areas to enforce the regulations. Some of them being the Piazza del Popolo, Piazza Navona, and the Piazza di Spagna.

Raggi wants to keep Rome’s fountains in the best shape possible and is tired of tourists not caring for the history his country has made. Raggi made a comment on Facebook that saying “The beauty of Rome must be respected by all… We will not tolerate incidents that are contrary to the rules of urban decorum, and we want to protect the historical, artistic and archaeological heritage of Rome.” Rome is fortunate to have a mayor that cares so much about history and their breathtaking city. This isn’t the first time Rome’s authorities have tried to do something about the outlandish behavior, there have been many times Rome has charged people for vandalizing the fountains.

It seems that Rome’s actions have sparked other city authorities to start cracking down on people disrespecting historical landmarks. In the city of Florence, authorities there have started watering down the steps of many tourist hotspots, so that people would not linger, eat or sit around the landmarks. There are many measures being taken to enforce regulations all over Italy, the government is even looking to limit the amount of tourists each city takes. This will change Italy a little, but for the good, persevering all of these historic landmarks gives opportunity for the future to see what their ancestors did in the past. 

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