Romance While Traveling, Is it Real?

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There is just something so enchanting about meeting someone while traveling. You meet them on a tour, or you meet them at a pub and you instantly fall for each other. You lock eyes and it all happens so fast, a drink turns into a long conversation and a long conversation unfolds to a partner to sightsee with. You feel like you guys share all the same goals, travel experiences and truly know each other from only a couple days. You talk about everything, from your past, your families and your future goals. Can you call it real love? Is it a storybook romance? 

Falling for someone on vacation speeds up things fast. There is no hard to get, no games. You both know your time together is limited. So this leads you two to jump right into it. No bullshit, you guys spend the rest of your short time together acting like a real couple. You make a lifetime’s worth of memories in a short period. You get to enjoy all these adventures together that you wouldn’t normally be doing back in the comfort of your own home. It’s tantalizing. You know there is an expiration date so you want to live it up to the fullest and hold nothing back. Here are some pointers to bring you back to earth. 

1. Travel Love is Not the Same as Real Love

Once you accept this, it will be easier when you leave. Under normal circumstances back home you two probably would have not hit it off. The thrill of travel is trying something new, that includes love interests too. Feelings grow when you’re in a new foreign exotic place. These feelings all come with the territory of traveling. You can become intoxicated by the bond that connects you two when you’re both out of your comfort zone. 

2. It’s Smoke and Mirrors

You might be in love with the notion and idea of the foreign romance but not actually with the person. You are constantly stimulated by the history and the breathtaking new environment and you long to share that with someone. You are probably in love with the idea of falling in love in a romantic city but not actually in love. 

3. Take Care of Yourself

We mean it! Be on guard! Many locals who live in tourist filled cities know your type. They might have a routine to sweep you off your feet. There is almost no downside, they know that you will be leaving soon. They pull out all the bells and whistles, take you to quaint local spots and you instantly feel like you’ve been accepted by their circle. Be weary of falling into a romantic tourist trap. 

4. Be Papered for it to End

If you do have a beautiful romance while traveling, leave it there! Don’t tarnish your sweet memories by trying to make it work while your home. Very rarely does it successfully turn into something of substance and a real relationship. If you try to make it work long distance, there is a chance that it will fail. One of you will stray away and it will ruin all the good times you had, because you will now focus on how it went sour. Instead, accept it for what it is and always dream of the good times and imagine of what it could of been. They say unfinished love is the best. You will always hold the memories dear to your heart and replay it as perfection and see it as what it could of been. It will always be perfect in your mind. This alternative is always a better solution than trying to make it work in real life, and eventually getting hurt. 

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Marco Galang

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