NBA Player Derrick Rose's Ex Has A Sordid Past

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Derrick Rose is a good looking basketball player and is a star on the court for the New York Knicks, with millions in the bank, 6 foot 3, and a presence that has yet to be challenged! But like most basketball stars in his caliber he falls for the usual girl who has lots of assets and a legendary rack! Her name is Alaina Anderson and she is biracial, blonde and kind of a socialite, she is also friends with Taylor Swift who we all know is a huge global pop-star! She is a hottie and so is Derrick! 

Both Alaina an Derrick seemed like a perfect match, doing things young rich couples do like getting matching Bentleys, matching sneakers, putting stupid love quotes on social media. But apparently all that money couldn't keep Derrick from stepping out and misbehaving and the couple eventually called it quits, with Derrick now moving on to other loose women and trying to live the good life. Alaina is half black, so most would expect that she would have an awareness when it came to this world and racism. Well, unfortunately she didn't. Now she is caught up in a media storm. 

Though Derrick an Alaina moved on with their lives a dirty secret past still remained with Alaina, her Twitter page! It was uncovered that Alaina made tweets during the first few weeks of the relationship saying that 'black b****hes always get jealous when a white girl gets her a black man', and the most exposing one, where she said her an Taylor Swift have one thing in common.....they both don't like black people!! After her tweets were exposed Alaina took down her twitter and a lot of Taylor's black fans were very angry with her; unfollowing her and tweeting their own opinions about what was said. 

It was very surprising considering Alaina comes from a biracial background where both her mom an grandmother are Black, but some thought the blonde must've got to her and she think she's 100% white; Since some men love light skin girls, some would argue that she thinks it automatically makes her better than darker women! Derrick Rose hasn't spoken about this and perhaps he hasn't been made aware of it yet. Hopefully he won't just  brush it to the side and say she didn't mean it or that she changed now, but regardless it was still very wrong of her and knowing people will catch things quickly Alaina should've just vented her feeling in private!

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Marco Galang

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