Lonzo Ball's Dad Affecting His Recruitment?

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Lonzo ball is was a college basketball player who played for UCLA this past year and was a major hit amongst UCLA supporters; Ball averaged around 14 points in his season at the school. Lonzo Ball came in as a Freshman and added a fire to the UCLA basketball team and now he is on his way to achieve his dreams. Ball is currently in the process of being drafted for a NBA team and the team that he has his eyes set on is the Los Angeles Lakers. Even if he does not get to be a part of the Lakers he would be happy playing for any team as he expresses that as long as he is playing ball he is happy. 

As he had a work out with the Los Angeles Lakers, who maintains the second pick in the draft that takes place on June 22, he was mostly practicing his unorthodox style of shooting. Ball claims that the Lakers need a leader to guide them and him being point guard would be able to fill in that void. Unlike Ball’s father who is assertive and full of words, Lonzo Ball is the polar opposite and is a man of few words. Although, Ball believes that he is the best player currently in the draft, and his fans agree with those sentiments.  

The Los Angeles Lakers are deciding between Josh Jackson, De’Aaron Fox, and Lonzo Ball; between the three of them they are geared towards Ball but they are still giving the other two players heavy consideration. It very apparent that LaVar Ball, his father, wants him to wind up playing basketball for the Los Angeles Lakers and claimed that Lonzo Ball would not workout with any other team besides the Lakers. The odds are reported that Lonzo has a 40% chance of playing basketball for the Los Angeles Lakers. But players beat the odds all the time. It would be ideal for Ball to remain in his town where he has played the last few years at UCLA.

Ball has talent and I believe will get drafted by one of the NBA league teams, when Ball came in as a freshman at UCLA he turned the basketball team into one of the hottest squads in college basketball. Ball hopes to bring the same type of success to the Lakers and he could possible revive the Lakers brand. The Lakers are struggling as they have a genuine split between two players who both have different weaknesses and strengths; for the Lakers this is not a bad problem to have because at the end of the day, Ball or Johnson, they will have added a phenomenal basketball player to their team. 

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