Kathy Griffin’s Decapitated Disaster

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Over the years we have all come to love and appreciate Kathy Griffin. Her hilarious stand-up routines, her brilliant television hosting, and her diligent activism within the LGBT community has earned her a reputable spot on the celebrity idol list. However, after recent event involving visual protest against President Donald Trump some people are reconsidering what they once thought about her. Kathy Griffin was photographed holding up a decapitated head of Donald Trump. Although a lot of the original images have been blurred there are still several them floating around that are clear and evident. The media has been in an uproar.

 The head is completely covered in blood with Griffin gripping the back of it and staring at the camera very stoically. Griffin experienced very significant backlash from different sources. The most critical, her being fired from her position on CNN. In a brief statement, they claimed to have “terminated their decade-long contract with Griffin,” and prevented her from appearing on their “New Year’s Eve program.” Later, the network would go on to say that they found what she did to be “disgusting and offensive.” Even though they claimed to be pleased at her apology and request of removing the photos, her time at CNN has ended. 

Her co-host, Anderson Cooper, refused to come to her defense, saying “I’m shocked that Griffin would participate in such a photo shoot.” Griffin’s losing streak didn’t end there. A casino in New Mexico has decided to cancel her scheduled July 22nd performance. A family owned company in Utah called Squatty Potty fired her as their promoter. The CEO of the company called the photo “shocking and disappointing.” Donald Trump, “the victim,” spoke out about the photo himself. “Griffin should be ashamed. My kids are having a tough time with this one,” Trump stated in a recent tweet.   

The first lady, Melanie Trump, also condemned the photo. “As a mother and human being the photo is very disturbing.” Kathy Griffin effectively steered attention away from Trump’s decision to remove the U.S. from the Paris Climate agreement. It is obvious that Trump is indeed a controversial figure and has done some questionable things in the past. However, Griffin posing for such a tasteless photo proved to do more harm to her than him. Griffin would come out to publicly apologize herself, say that she clearly “crossed the line.” She knew that she had gone too far and even admitted that the image was “too disturbing and was not funny.” At the end of her statement she graciously asked for “forgiveness.” Whether or not she will receive such forgiveness from the Trump family has yet to be determined. 

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