James Comey says that Trump fired him because of Russia

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James Brien Comey Jr., the former Director of the FBI, was under intense scrutiny Thursday morning in Washington D.C.. The reason? Senate had called an intelligence committee to get to the bottom of Trump’s White House’s connections with the shady Russian government. America woke up Thursday morning fresh and ready to finally get the answers they so rightly craved and deserved. After a disastrous first 100 days, Donald Trump and his cabinet have been at their wit’s end attempting to stifle the constant leaks to the press. While Fox News and the tabloid site Breitbart News have been the White House’s sycophants it has only exacerbated the division between the country’s leadership, and the core of America.


James Comey sat down to a room at maximum capacity lined with reporters, and even observers who wanted a chance to say that they were in the room when Comey revealed the White House’s lies. People around the world were tuned in. Expectedly, dozens of bars in the Washington D.C. area were open early so that the throngs of people who wanted to witness the burning of American values via story could do so together. With thousands of people around Washington watching in bars, even those in the Western parts of the states got up extra early to catch the testimony. 

James Comey explained to the Senate Intelligence Committee all of the content of his opening statement, how Trump had talked to him privately, unprofessionally. Asking Comey to, “Let this thing go” in reference to the Russian investigation. How Donald Trump tricked Comey to have a private dinner with him, after which Comey wrote all the details he could remember on his classified laptop because the content was so strange and unlike anything he’s ever dealt with.The most revealing of the information were the questions that James Comey were asked about, how he personally felt about Donald Trump’s personality, his demeanor, did Comey trust him? 

Questions like these were met with resounding chuckles in the audience as Comey decidedly felt compelled to be restrained for the sake of his dignity. Comey explained how Trump’s personality is essentially that of a narcissist, a liar, someone to not be trusted, missing the norms of our American government so badly that it’s actually frightening. The most bombshell accusation though, was that Trump had unexpectedly and suddenly fired Comey, for almost 100% because of James Comey’s determination in the Russian investigation. Of course many people in Congress with most of their brain intact can see a clear conflict of interest and literal collusion. Only time will tell if the rest of walking dead in Congress will finally see a spade for a spade.  

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