George Clooney Officially Hangs Up Bachelor Lifestyle With Birth of Twins

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American actor and super hunk George Clooney has been a heartthrob for movie viewers for many years. His presence in “Ocean’s Eleven” helped the film to skyrocket in box office sales, and the 56-year-old has been a mega star in many other films as well. This time he is making headlines for his private life with spouse Amal Clooney. Amal is a Human Rights attorney who was the lucky lady to wed Clooney back in September 2014. The tall brunette has model looks and a very refined presence whenever captured in the lenses of paparazzi and interviewers. Amal is Lebanese and age 39.

She is known for defending the founder of Wikileaks in his fight against being extradited. She is quite the catch, brains and beauty all wrapped into one. It’s easy to be jealous of her taking Clooney off the market, but based on her resume, she deserves the hunk. On June 6, 2017 the hot couple welcomed twins, Alexander and Ella into the world. The couple were eager for the birth, and days leading up to it were anticipating that ‘today will be the day!’, a few days in a row. They are both enthused and so is the rest of the world, including their friend Cindy Crawford. 

Crawford expressed her excitement for the new role of parenthood that the Clooney’s stepped into. Back in the bachelor days George was quite vocal about his desire to remain single and eligible; and what a change! That’s what happens when love is in the air. After meeting his now wife, he told ET that he thought it would be fun to be married with children. Well now that is his reality, and the world awaits just how hot the kids will turn out to be. Amal’s mother, Baria Alamuddin was seen shopping in various boutiques in London for children’s clothing.


The last time the couple was spotted out was at the London premiere of “The Promise”, an Armenian genocide film. Most often when the Clooney’s are seen out, it is at a film festival or movie premiere. Together, they look like the hottest older couple, and for good reason. When Amal is seen by herself it is at the Doughty Street Chambers, where she is a barrister. Not only does she specialize in Human Rights law, but also International law. We hope to see more of the couple out and about, but now with the addition of their two bundles of joy.

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