Four Ministers Were Warned About Tower Block Fire Risks

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There are still many questions surrounding the Grenfell Tower fire that have gone unanswered and it has even led to protests as the response by the local government has not been satisfactory according to the citizens. Now there is new information coming to light that there were four different ministers of the government who were warned ahead of time that the fire regulations were not working in keeping people safe. In the letters that have now been seen by the media, experts were warning that those living in the Grenfell Tower were “at risk.” News that will without a doubt enrage the residents of the building even further.

With the search continuing and more and more bodies being found, the current number of those dead or missing has now reached 79, however that number still may increase as there is still plenty of searching to do. According to the department that received the letters that issued the warnings, work to improve safety regulations had already been under way. With so many fatalities that resulted from a fire that experts had been warning of for years, those who lost loved ones and/or their homes are now going to be even more enraged with anger as this accident is now so clearly one that have been prevented.

There was another fire in 2009 that took the lives of several people, following that fire a series of recommendations were made for other buildings in order to help keep it’s occupants safe. That recommendation however ended up going ignored. The government even issued a promise to review the fire regulations back in 2013, but 4 years later that promise has yet to be fulfilled. These warnings issued by experts clearly stated that the government “could not afford to wait for another tragedy.” As doing so would only result in the loss of even more life. 

There were four ministers from the Department for Communities and Local Government who received these letters with these warning and neither of them did anything to help strengthen the regulations. It is very troubling to see that the government ignored repeated warnings about the safety of the tower block only for it to result in the casualties of nearly 100 people. What is even more troubling is that there are still about 4,000 remaining tower blocks in the United Kingdom that do not have automatic sprinkler protection, so now we will see if anything is done about those building or if they will wait for yet another disaster to finally take action.

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