Fat Shaming Again: Rihanna and Halle Berry

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We all know that fat shaming is a thing. If you go outside with a bulge, and paparazzi catches you on camera, the rumors will instantly start flying. Unfortunately it is the burden placed on celebrities to either debunk the rumor, or have one of their reps do so, or else people around the world will just run with it. This is the case for pop superstar Rihanna as well as Golden Globe winning actress Halle Berry, and all in the same week. Rihanna was seen leaving the studio in some jeans that were totally bulging at the seams. 

Normally she is has a tiny frame and is the face of many beauty products and fashion icon for globally inspiring clothing brands. Lately she has been a little fuller than usual, and even her loose fitting clothing can’t hide it. While her loyal fans are exclaiming excitement that “thick-anna” has returned, it seems that the comments that started swirling had an effect on the pop star. Rihanna took to Instagram and posted a picture of a hip-hop artist’s before an after picture (the former being overweight and sweaty, and the latter being fit and handsome). It was turned into a meme and titled, “If you can’t handle me at my 2007 Gucci Mane, you don’t deserve me at my 2017 Gucci Mane.” She also added the crying face emoji to it.  

Hopefully her weight gain is something she is comfortable with, and either way she is still the queen of pop right now. The same goes for Halle berry who showed up to the 16th annual Chrysallis Butterfly Ball in Los Angeles clutching her belly in all the right places for a pregnant lady. Rumors started swirling immediately that the super star actress was pregnant, but her representative quickly put those rumors to rest that the 50-year-old actress was not. They stated, “It is absolutely untrue. She is not pregnant”. Halle Berry already has children with her ex husband Olivier Martinez, and another child with her ex boyfriend, model Gabriel Aubry. 

Halle has yet to respond to the rumors herself, and address the fat shaming that goes on. It is unfortunate that these stars live under such scrutiny, but that is what comes with being in the limelight. A few hamburgers too many before the photos are snapped and next thing you know, you’re caught up in a media storm. For both of these stars, Rihanna and Halle, the spot light has had its harsher moments. I'm sure their bodies in person are way hotter than most, but it must surely get to them deep down inside. It comes with the territory.

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Liz Chang

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