Conservatives in U.K. Parliament lose Majority

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A disastrous year for the United Kingdom, first the Brexit leading the United Kingdom out of the European Union, and now a loss of mandate for their Prime Minister Theresa May. The United Kingdom’s most populous party, the Conservatives, have lost their majority seats in Parliament, a devastating blow that could see the Brexit talks and the entire government thrown into disarray. The election results rolled in, constituency by constituency the ticks were checked, names were counted, votes were counted. And little by little Theresa May could see her party slip into disarray. What a disaster for a politician in any country

It was impossible the projected votes gave the Conservative party a healthy majority leaving opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn of the Labour Party safely behind the 326 seats that are needed for the majority. But lo and behold the projections were dead wrong. Months of extremely tough talks with other European leaders, no plans for Brexit, no plans for the financial institutions in the City of London, no plans for U.K.’s car manufacturers have left every sector of the British economy up in the air.

The people were promised that illegal immigration would be quelled and that the Conservative Party would become their knights in shining armour. Lies, quite simply, lies.  

The people have seen through the facade of the 350+ million Pounds sent to the European Union every week, a preposterous number that had no basis in fact or even fiction. The way after the Brexit referendum Nigel Farage stepped down from the UK Independence Party, a hateful and paltry party whose only purpose was to fracture and divide the United Kingdom for foreign gain, to trick the population in believing in the false song of far-right nationalism. All of these factors combined gave the biggest shock of the year so far with the Parliament now having no majority party, it is now considered a Hung Parliament, meaning that chaos will reign once more in the hallowed halls of Westminster Abbey.

A typical scenario when forces seemingly beyond any mere middle class individual’s control conspire to shape the world in their own twisted vision, the United Kingdom now not only has to deal with the leaving of the greatest single Union in the history of the world, leaving all its benefits behind while simultaneously keeping all of its negatives, but it now has no parliamentary majority to solve its problems with. In not just a year Scotland votes once again for independence from the U.K., and based on Britain's government’s behavior, it may just be for the best that Scotland get out while it still can. 

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Marco Galang

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