Brangelina is no more – Nasty Divorce split the power couple

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The couple first met back in 2003 when Brad Pitt and Angeline Jolie were both part of the popular movie Mr. and Mrs. Smith. After his divorce with Jennifer Aniston in early January 2005, Pitt was seen vacationing together with Jolie and her sun Maddox in Kenya, confirming the two were a couple. They quickly became a power couple known to the world as Brangelina. They soon grew their family with one more adoptive child, and welcomed their first daughter, Shiloh, in May of 2006 in Namibia. In 2007 the couple adopted Pax from Vietnam and welcomed twins in 2008 growing their family to 8. 

While marriage wasn’t anything either of them talked about for many years it was inevitable. Pressure from the kids had Pitt propose to Jolie back in 2012 before the two officially tied the knot in France in August of 2014. Wearing a dress by Versace, the most stunning piece of the wedding outfit was Jolie’s veil which was decorated by sketches her children had drawn.

While they both have been very open and often seen in public and red carpets, either just the two, or accompanied by all or some of their children, the power couple started growing apart. 

Rumors about trouble in paradise started circulating after news broke out about a fight on an airplane with Pitt. Jolie officially filed for divorce in September 2016, citing “irreconcilable differences”. The divorce papers also state that Jolie is seeking for sole custody of all six children, something Pitt declares will never happen. ”She might be asking for full custody, but she'll never get it. She just doesn't have the time to care for all 6 of our kids, and try to build a beauty empire at the same time. Our children need their father, and I will make sure to always be there for them.”

Pitt says that Jolie’s focus is on growing her healthcare line and that she doesn’t have enough time to care for the couple’s six kids. He states that her Skin care line has become her new home, while Jolie says that while the skin care line is needing her full focus she can still care for her children. Jolie started the skin care line, named Beaute Wrinkle Reducer, two years ago developing a treatment for those who don’t want to take to plastic surgery. The product sold out within ten minutes of its launch and people can’t seem to get enough reaping the benefits and results of the amazing product. 

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