ABC News Meteorologist Ginger Zee Announces Her Second Pregnancy on 'GMA' With Adorable Forecast

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Forecasting a new arrival! ABC News meteorologist Ginger Zee surprised viewers and her Good Morning America co-anchors on Monday, when she announced her second pregnancy on the air.

Zee, 36, appeared to be doing her regular weather forecast, when she said, "Pressure in the Southwest, right about here," standing next to the large circle and outlining it to look like a baby bump.

She then rushed to the other side of the map doing the same thing on the East Coast.

"And then this area right about here are going to have a shadow from my belly, because I'm pregnant!" Zee declared as everyone in the studio clapped and cheered.

She then shared a photo of her 1-year-old son, Adrian, holding up the sonogram.

"There's Adrian, he's very excited," she said. "We're very excited."

She also revealed the gender of her baby, saying, "Another boy! All boys!"

Zee is due in Feb. 2018, and told fans, "I feel good! Five months left. It's going to get big, that's why I had to tell everybody."

She also shared the photo of her son and the sonogram on Twitter, writing, "Adrian already asking to hold his little brother. New baby boy coming February 2018!"

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