90210: The Most Famous Zip Code In Teen TV Had The Most Drama!

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“Beverly Hills, 90210,” airing from 1990 to 2000, was one of the longest-running teen dramas on television. The show made stars of cast members like Luke Perry, Jason Priestley, and Shannen Doherty and with a cast full of hormonal teenagers, there was never a shortage of drama in the script or off the set.

Let’s start with one of 90210’s most infamously dramatic ladies, Shannen Doherty. Doherty was fired from the show after Season 4 and never returned. To hear it from her, she “left” the show, but most insiders say she was fired for being too difficult to work with. However, Doherty did appear in the 2008 reboot of “90210 2.0” along with Jennie Garth.