10 Best Sarah Paulson Moments From All AHS Seasons

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Give it up for the queen bee of AHS: Sarah Paulson

As it approaches its seventh season, the anthology TV series American Horror Story is bringing back some familiar franchise faces to tell the story of one woman who is being terrorized in the days and weeks following the 2016 election. One of those familiar faces is AHS' greatest repertory actor, Sarah Paulson, who has been featured as a key player in every season since the early days of AHS: Murder House. She's proven herself not only indispensable to the world of AHS, but she's become a total chameleon. Playing a psychic medium, a steely witch, a beleaguered queer reporter, conjoined identical twins, an actor and, soon, a terrorized and fragile American in the exaggerated hellscape of late 2016, AHS has put Paulson through the wringer with no sign of letting up.

As we approach the premiere of AHS: Cult on Tuesday, we should take a moment to appreciate all of Paulson's finest moments over previous AHS seasons. While she has consistently turned in a riveting performance, there are some moments that stand out better than others, in my opinion. What follows is a selection of those moments. Take a look for yourself.